Bioartistic profile

This artist´s   creativity and versatility   has produced an impressive and  ever-growing body of work in diverse artistic media. He has experimented   with numerous aesthetic forms and visual languages such as  graphic design, illustration, collage and photography.  Pantoja´s artistic vision transcends the specific medium, his work transmits a vision of art in its purest state, in each instance and in each individual image. He eshews prefabricated molds and notions of conventional beauty.

The spectator is drawn into the sheer pleasure of the image, which inspires awe and surprise. The breadth of his work, his constant restlessness, his engagement with the art world in the most authentic sense of the term, paradoxically make him shun the conventional, the trendy. His aesthetic proposals are at once risky and successful.

These qualities have led him to create and exhibit work in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Sao Paolo, Geneva, Miami, Buenos Aires, His reputation as an artist has been enhanced by his work as a print illustrator as well as various collaborations in the realms of film and television.